What must Bharti do well to succeed in the Indian mobile phone market? What are Bharti’s core competencies? Do you think Bharti should enter the Outsourcing agreements outlined by Gupta? What do you see as advantages and disadvantages of such agreements? How do the different outsourcing agreements work towards building these core competencies? If you were Bharti, what major concerns would you have about entering outsourcing agreements with IBM and With Ericsson, Nokia or Siemens? Find more at Custom essay writing service.

How would you structure the agreements to address your concerns and capture any advantages you have identified? What governance agreements would you design for the agreements? Assume the role of IBM or Nokia. What major concerns would you have about entering an agreement with Bharti? How would you structure the agreement and the governance mechanisms? Answer- Bharti must do a good management of the outsourcing suppliers. Bharti has many suppliers. If there are any changes in suppliers, it will affect the operation of Bharti.

Therefore, Bharti must do good management for suppliers. Bharti’s core competency has many suppliers. Bharti has a lot of supplier to achieve economic efficiency. I think the Bharti should continue its outsourcing agreement outline Gupta commissioned its telecom and IT network, it has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is reducing the time cost from the planning to the operation. It is use the technology and expertise of the supplier. They faster development of new products and will be shortened of time.

Outsourcings do not need to carry the responsibility on themselves. It can transfer investment equipment risk to suppliers. Human resource issues can be resolved. The manpower needed to expand their business. Bharti do not need to spend an additional cost of original employees may also have the opportunity to acquire knowledge from suppliers in increased manpower and management provided by the supplier. Instead, Bharti is dependence on suppliers. Many technologies and products are process to outsourcing. Therefore, suppliers’ permissions are large.